Professional Audio

The magnets used in audio are mainly neodymium magnets and ferrites. They exist in the shape of rings or discs of various sizes. NdFeB is often used in high-end products. The sound produced by it has excellent sound quality, good sound flexibility, good sound performance, and accurate sound field positioning. With excellent performance, small and light NdFeB began to gradually replace large and heavy ferrite.

Consumer electronics

Magnets in consumer electronics are also everywhere...such as headphones, sensors, camera motors, ipod, etc. The volume requirements of magnets in these applications are getting smaller and more challenging, but we can provide design and customized miniature magnets to meet different customer needs. Magnets from consumer electronics customers are strict and generally require rapid design, sample supply, and engineering components in one go. In this process, we can not only design products of different shapes and sizes for customers, but also maintain seamless docking communication and cooperation with customers.

NdFeB grades used in consumer electronics are: N35, N42, N45, 45M, 48M, 50M, 42H, 44H, 45H, 48H, 42SH, 38SH, 38UH.

Car stereo

Magnets also play an important role in car audio. With car audio as a carrier, they can provide in-car entertainment and information for vehicle passengers. All car stereos have a voice coil, which is a wire placed in the middle area of ​​the magnet, in which the magnet is wrapped around a pole. When current passes through a car amplifier, it forces the cone to move up and down, producing an audible sound.

Electronic electroacoustics

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