Ningbo haishu east magnetic steel co., LTD., is a professional Chinese permanent magnet materials manufacturers and suppliers, the company specializing in the production of sintered ndfeb and sintered ferrite (especially in the case of dry pressing heterosexual radial multipole magnetic ring accomplished), and engaged in bonded ndfeb, injection molding, aluminum nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt, rubber magnetic, etc. Series of products and devices. The products are widely used in VCM, MRT, motor, electronic products, sensors, computers, wireless communication products, toys and speakers and other fields. The company can provide the magnetic material production design and the magnetic device development for the customer, our professional spirit will provide the most perfect service for the customer product development. The company is located in Ningbo, the coast of east China Sea, Zhejiang Province, with superior geographical position, developed economy and convenient transportation. We will work closely with our customers to contribute to the development of magnetic material industry.